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FLORTTE I Am Super Beauty Cute Club Glue-Free False Eyelashes

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Colorr: N01# Starlet - 万人迷

N01# Starlet - 万人迷
N02# Playful - 娇憨憨
N03# Idol- 天生爱豆
N04# Exotic - 小花卷
N05# Mermaid- 美人鱼
N06# Lazy Day- 懒洋洋
N07# Mystic Black- 天然黑


Effortless Eye Enhancement:

Discover how effortless it is to wear false eyelashes with our innovative high-polymer jelly glue. The soft stem provides invisible, lightweight wear for a dramatic eye-opening experience.

Ultra-Thin and Comfortable:

Made with incredibly thin (0.05mm) fibers for a seamless, weightless feel that blends perfectly with your natural lashes.

Strong Hold, Natural Look:

Lashes adhere firmly without visible adhesive lines, enhancing your natural beauty without discomfort.

Quick and Convenient:

Three-cluster design allows for easy application and removal in seconds – no glue, magnets, or makeup remover needed.

Lightweight Comfort:

High-polymer jelly glue balances firmness and comfort, making it feel like you're wearing nothing at all. The soft stem conforms to your eye shape for a comfortable, natural fit.

Designed for Versatility:

Choose from a variety of styles to suit your needs, from natural everyday looks to dramatic show-stopping styles.

Multiple Styles Available:

  • N01# Everyone's Crush: Universally appealing with a C-curl suitable for monolids and round eyes, this style ranges from 7-12mm, ideal for enhancing natural beauty or light makeup looks.
  • N03 Natural Idol: C-curl for subtle definition, ideal for everyday wear or a natural look.
  • N02 Playful Charm: LC-curl for a youthful appearance, great for both hooded and double eyelids.
  • N05 Mermaid: Dynamic fishtail design enhances a wet eye look.
  • N07 Natural Black: Bold C-curl design for a dramatic, sharp fox-eye look.
  • N06 Lazy Yawn: Relaxed fishtail design for effortless beauty enhancement with minimal makeup.
  • N04 Little Wild Roll: Unruly, mixed-length design for an exotic touch.

Effortless Enhancement:

These false eyelashes are more than just accessories; they're an easy way to enhance your eye makeup. Their versatility allows for a variety of looks, perfect for any occasion and makeup style.

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