TAMBURINS Perfume Balm Chamo

TAMBURINS Perfume Balm Chamo
Thick chamomile | Soft wood grain | Musk

The herbal scent of chamomile, thick and sweet like honey, and bitter clary sage create a subtle harmony to create an addictive scent. The feeling of moist moss, which can feel cold, is wrapped in elegant and soft wood grain blond wood and warm musk to present a special and small comfort to your weary heart.
A new type of perfume balm where you can enjoy the fragrance sensibly. Experience the scent freely and express yourself anywhere with the handy-sized Perfume Balm. With a soft texture, if you gently apply it to your pulse-beating wrists or under your ears, you can feel the fragrance gently spreading by your body temperature. The iconic Perfume Balm design expresses the extended perfume persona in a mirrored form of a part of Tamburines Perfume.

How to use:
Turn the bottom of the container to pull up the contents and apply it lightly to the areas where the pulse beats such as on the wrist and behind the ears.

1. Before use, test lightly on the wrist.
2. It may smear when you use it, so please make it absorb well.
3. Because of the nature of the formulation, it is sensitive to temperature, so sweating may occur during high temperature storage. 
*This specific item is ineligible for Express Post and can only be delivered with Standard Post.