ONCUR Vitamin C Whitening Serum
ONCUR Vitamin C Whitening Serum
ONCUR Vitamin C Whitening Serum
ONCUR Vitamin C Whitening Serum

ONCUR Vitamin C Whitening Serum

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ONCUR Vitamin C Whitening Serum

Introducing ONCUR Vitamin C Whitening Serum - a high-concentration, 20% pure Vitamin C formulation designed to bring effective care and extraordinary brightening to your skin. This serum is a testament to the power of scientific skincare with hundreds of positive user experiences endorsing its benefits.

Surveyed users reported the following:

  • 97.87% agreed it brightens skin tone.
  • 95.74% agreed it refines skin texture.
  • 99.99% agreed it has excellent absorption.
  • 98.94% agreed it improves skin feel.

ONCUR Vitamin C Whitening Serum features a "Golden Triangle" formula to brighten your skin scientifically:

  1. 20% Pure Vitamin C: This potent amount of Vitamin C illuminates your complexion, offering a radiant glow.
  2. 1% Ferulic Acid: This ingredient amplifies the effects of the serum, working to improve dullness and uneven skin tone.
  3. Vitamin E: Included to mitigate environmental damage to the skin, this ingredient works in synergy with Vitamin C for enhanced protection.

Our serum employs cutting-edge "Fresh Start" technology, with pure Vitamin C powder securely stored separately from the rest of the serum to maintain its potency until you're ready to use it. Each droplet of this high-efficiency serum provides the most stable and purest form of Vitamin C.

The aqueous part of the serum is a blend of Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid to boost the overall performance of the serum. This simplified, high-efficiency formula is free from any high-risk ingredients, offering you safe, effective skin brightening and care.

Experience the transformation with ONCUR Vitamin C Whitening Serum, the ultimate product for luminous, beautifully refined skin.