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MR WISH False Eyelashes

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Style: Cozy Trilogy Upgraded - 懒人三部曲ABA升级版

Cozy Trilogy Upgraded - 懒人三部曲ABA升级版
Cozy Trilogy Upgraded PLUS - 懒人三部曲ABA升级版PLUS
Foxy Series - Soaring Style - 狐系-飞扬款
Canine Series - Round Eye Style - 犬系-圆眼款
Sunny Little Devil Upgraded Edition - 夏日小恶魔升级版
Cloudy Little Devil - 云朵小恶魔
Wild Kitten Underlash - 小野猫下睫毛
Sunflower Underlash - 太阳花下睫毛

MR WISH False Eyelashes
*Each False Eyelash includes a free eyelash adhesive and tweezer. 

Introducing the new and improved MR WISH False Eyelashes collection, featuring five stunning variants designed to transform your eyes effortlessly.  

The upgraded Cozy Trilogy offers a versatile range of eyelash styles, including the eye-defining Type A and the eye-enlarging Type B. Our Sunny Little Devil and Cloudy Little Devil lashes bring a playful touch, while the Cozy Sunflower Grafted and Cozy Trilogy Feather Fan Fish Tail variants add a unique and captivating look to your eyes.

Experience the exclusive 2.0 parallel technology, providing ultra-light and effective results without the heaviness of traditional false eyelashes. Applying these lashes is a breeze, taking only two minutes for a wider and more convenient application.

All five variants boast special shape memory fibers imported from Korea and heated-shaped synthetic hairs for easy removal and the perfect curvature. They'll maintain their shape for days, ensuring your lashes always look flawless.

To achieve glamorous and gorgeous lashes in no time, simply follow these steps:

  1. Use an eyelash curler to reach the desired length.
  2. Apply a lash primer for extra-lasting hold.
  3. Delicately remove the full-bodied lashes with tweezers, without worrying about deformation.
  4. Apply glue liberally to the root until it's translucent, waiting a few extra seconds for a stronger hold if needed.

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Conor Runte


Joan Kihn

Excellent for cosplay. Came mega fast. I would buy them again.

Reina Greenfelder

I bought them because they are discreet. Came mega fast. And if you look up. But you have to improve them. Some tricks haha. I loved them. I'll buy him again.

Ismael Ward


Ted Davis

조음요 ㅎ