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KIMTRUE Amino Acid Gentle Facial Cleanser

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Size: 100g


KIMTRUE Amino Acid Gentle Facial Cleanser

Deep cleans pores and dirt, emulsifies and disintegrates light makeup 

Amino Acid Repairing/Cleansing Formula

Gentle cleansing/Removes light makeup/Soothes and repairs

Product Information:

  • Volume: 100 g
  • Packaging: Sealed plastic packaging
  • Shelf life: Three years
  • Suitable skin types: All skin types

Upgraded amino acid skin vitalization system gently cleanses your skin
Cleansing formula made by combining betaine with Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, sodium cocoyl glycinate, sodium lauroyl glutamate, and other amino acid surfactants.

Does not contain SLS, soap-based active ingredients. Tested cleaning ability is superior to soap-based active systems but will not irritate the skin and deposit residues.

It can gently cleanse even sensitive skin types and can be used by pregnant women and mothers.

Most amino acid cleansing products are mild but lack a rich, luscious foam. KIMTRUE's uses of cutting-edge liquid crystal structure treatment can make the foam richer and more delicate while providing a skin-friendly way to disintegrate makeup with a process like emulsification.

As it cleans, it also removes sunscreen and thin makeup. Suitable for sensitive skin types.

Contains a variety of soothing and repairing ingredients that are gentler than conventional amino acid cleansing products

Oat β-glucan: β-glucan extracted and refined from oats through patented technology can optimize Langerhans cell functions, interrupt the transmission of inflammatory factors, and reduce redness, tingling, and skin barrier problems.

Portulaca oleracea extracts: Sooth dry, itchy, and tingling skin, has some effect on skin allergies

Tremellam: Extracted from the fruit of Tremella fuciformis, it can increase the moisture content of skin keratin. Deeply moisturizing, anti-oxidating, anti-aging, increasing skin elasticity, and reducing skin texture.

Wall-broken yeast extracts: Contains a variety of amino acids, oligopeptides, small molecule peptides, ribonucleic acid, vitamins, and minerals permeable and absorbable by the skin.

Can help the skin restore elasticity and improve body metabolism, skin transparency, and inhibit melanin precipitation.

Directions to use
1. Clean both hands, take a coin-sized dab of the cleanser to make it fully foam.

2. Gently massage the face for a while, then rinse with clean water

Key Ingredients:

1. Lemon peel oil: Antioxidant, delays skin aging.

2. Geranium oil: Balancing oil secretion, and monitoring skin tone.

3. Oat β-glucan: It inhibits photoaging and promotes collagen synthesis

4. Tremellam: Polysaccharides with small molecular hyaluronic acid content exceeding 10,000, can increase the moisture content of the stratum corneum.

5. Portulaca oleracea extracts: Soothe dry, itchy skin and stinging sensations. Clears free radicals all-broken yeast extracts restore your skin’s elasticity and adjust skin metabolism


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