YAOZHI Cushion Puff

RM46.00 MYR

Size: (HOT) Egg Pie + Pineapple Pie

(HOT) Egg Pie + Pineapple Pie
3 x Pineapple Pie
3 x Egg Pie
Pineapple Pie
Egg Pie
Vendor: YAOZHI

YAOZHI Cushion Puff 

- A soft and gentle puff ideal for all makeup routines

- Double-sided option supporting both dry and wet application

- Expands upon absorbing water for faster application

- Silky smooth texture providing the most natural blend with skin.

    Additional Information

    (HOT) Egg Pie + Pineapple Pie, 3 x Pineapple Pie, 3 x Egg Pie, Pineapple Pie, Egg Pie