WINONA Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Tolerance Extreme Cream

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Size: 1 Bottle

1 Bottle
3 Bottles
Vendor: WINONA

WINONA Anti-Sensitive Moisturizing Tolerance Extreme Cream 50g

Triple Moisturizing
The moisturizing ingredients of prinsepia utilise oil and dual-molecule sodium hyaluronate can moisturize the skin from deep inside, reposit water and moisturize the skin, restore water-oil balance, repair the skin barriers and recuperate the hydrous state of the skin.

Skin Relieving
Containing natural beta-glucan and portulaca oleracea extract, it can repair skin barrier and relieve skin from irritation.

Apply a suitable amount of this product evenly and pat gently after facial
cleansing and toning in the morning and evening,
avoid contacting with skins around the eyes. It is, suggested
to be used collaboratively with WINONA Anti-Sensitive Series for better

Suitable for
Special care for highly-sensitive skin, is also applicable to common sensitive skin.

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1 Bottle, 3 Bottles