USER Weekend Series Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

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Style: Strawberry Set

Strawberry Set
Matcha Set
Vendor: USER

USER Weekend Series Cosmetic Brush Set (12pcs)

The USER Weekend Series Cosmetic Brush Set is your one-stop makeup shop! It contains all the brushes you need to achieve any look, from a gentle and glowing day look to an intensely glamorous evening one. For your face, you get six brushes: A loose powder brush to blend in foundation or touch up after blotting; a highlight brush with just the right amount of bristles for applying blush and bronzer; plus brushes for powder, contouring, concealing, and nose shadow so you can create varying levels of coverage and shading.

For your eyes, this comprehensive set has six more brushes: A color brush for blending; medium and small eye shadow for precision; a smudging brush for smokey effects around the eyes; a accurate detailing brush that allows pinpoint accuracy; and an eyebrow brush with optimal thickness for achieving any eyebrow shape. The fan-shaped spray brush comes in handy when defining and blending in hard-to-reach areas like the eye sockets. And last but not least - there’s a small but powerful detail brush that lets you smudge color over large areas as well as define smaller edges with ease.

Say goodbye to dull and inconveniently sized cosmetic sets! With 6 face brushes + 6 eye brushes = 12 total pieces per set and high-quality synthetic fibres, this USER Weekend Series Cosmetic Brush Set will help transform your makeup routine into effortless beauty mastery.

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Strawberry Set, Matcha Set