PRAMY Sheer Flawless Silky Loose Powder

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Style: #01 Transparent

#01 Transparent
Vendor: PRAMY
PRAMY Sheer Flawless Silky Loose Powder (100g)
1. Long-lasting and translucent makeup setting packed in an extra-large 100g bottle!

(1) Long wear without smudging, thanks to the patented makeup setting technology

A technology boasting the exceptional EAF-3 anti-oxidation system that combats dullness and makeup meltdown, as well as excellence in absorbing oil but not moisture, it delivers instant retouching and correcting and all-day-long oil control for a translucent, soft-focus look!

(2) Great value for money with an extra-large 100g bottle

10 times the capacity of the average loose powder container! A perfect choice for baking that sets your makeup for longer.  

(3) Ultra-fine and translucent, blending perfectly with the skin

10 micrometres in diameter, the hollow powder particles are micro-fine and ultra-light, blending perfectly with the skin! It instantly minimizes pores, breathable, refreshing and non-acnegenic.

(4) A customized skin-loving and nourishing formula

Formulated with natural and mild skin-nourishing ingredients such as silk powder and pearl powder for an even better effect; enhanced by moisturizing ingredients including sodium hyaluronate and ceramide to make your makeup look translucent and smooth without drying out your skin.

(5) A specially-developed rotary powder control technique that holds the powder in place

A rotary powder control technique specially developed by PRAMY: hassle-free sub-packaging by opening, rotating and pouring. You can also control the amount used by rotating to adjust the size of the holes.

(6) A complimentary PRAMY loose powder case for professional sub-packaging and easier application.


2. Product features:

colour correction, oil control and complexion brightening

    01# Translucent: Transparent and sheer, delivering a soft-focus finish, suitable for natural and fair skin tones.

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    #01 Transparent