PRAMY Longwear Eyebrow Raincoat

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Vendor: PRAMY

PRAMY Longwear Eyebrow Raincoat (7g)

  1. An invisible touch seals your brows.

(1) A lifesaver for thinning eyebrows, long-lasting and smudge-proof

Using a film-forming technology that locks in moisture and lustre, a gentle brush over your eyebrows quickly forms a coating that locks in your makeup for up to 12 hours, waterproof, sweat-resistant and smudge-proof. Say goodbye to the embarrassment of fading eyebrow makeup.  

(2) An invisible eyebrow topcoat that seals your brows in an instant

Its fluid and transparent formula invisibly locks in your eyebrows, non-sticky and non-reflective. Made of American Dupont silk, the brush finalizes the eyebrow look with a feather-like soft touch.   

(3) A formula with safe moisturizing ingredients, refreshing and non-sticky

It is formulated with natural hydrolyzed silk, hyaluronic acid and panthenol for effective hair protection and long-lasting moisturization, leaving your brow hairs smooth and glossy.  

  1. Suitable for: people with thinning eyebrows or whose eyebrow makeup tend to come off (people with oily and combination oily skin/people whose eyebrow makeup comes off easily/people with bangs and greasy hair, etc.)
  1. Product features: long-lasting, waterproof, natural-looking, sweat-resistant
  1. Application (Please strictly follow these steps):

① Shape your eyebrows and set your entire makeup. (Note: In the case of lumping, please smooth it with an eyebrow brush.)

② Gently apply a layer of eyebrow topcoat in the direction the hair grows.

③ Wait about 10 seconds for the liquid to naturally dry into a film. (Do not rub during film forming. Do not adjust your eyebrow makeup once a coating has formed.)