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Introducing the latest innovation in skincare and makeup – PINPOINT Tone-Up Body Cream!

This high-performance cream offers a comprehensive 2-in-1 solution to your beauty needs.

Formulated with nanoscale powder, crinkly pipo carrageen extract, natural mica, and VC-IP, it works hard to instantly even out your skin tone and leave behind a radiant glow that's sure to turn heads. Plus, its unique combination of trehalose, panthenol, and tremella extract clocks in deep moisturizing that last all day. Fairness quickly jumps from 48% before use to 64% after just applying PINPOINT Tone-Up Body Cream once.

Refine and brighten your look without worrying about heavy or sticky makeup, as this body cream is incredibly light and skin-friendly - perfect for anyone longing for an effortless all-day look. Choose PINPOINT for visibly radiant skin that you won’t have to worry about ever taking off!

Directions of use

Gently squeeze the tube body, take an appropriate amount, and apply evenly on the required area.

Apply regularly to achieve the desired effect.