PARTICOLARE Platinum Salmon Medical Repair Cold Compress Dressing

RM75.00 MYR

Size: 1 Pack (5 Pieces)

1 Pack (5 Pieces)
1 Piece

PARTICOLARE Platinum Salmon Medical Repair Cold Compress

To be used for daily cold compress therapy, applicable to dry and sensitive skin.
Also applicable as protection and repair of skin caused by laser, photorejuvenation, microdermabrasion, fruit acid revitalization and other general skin injuries such as dermatitis and eczema.

Direction of use:Cut open the inner bag along the dotted line, uncover the colloid surface film and apply the dressing to the target area,
To ensure hygiene and product performance, it is recommended to use each patch only once.

  1. Gently clean the targeted area before applying Particolare Platinum Salmon Repair Dressing.

  2. Do not apply onto wounds and surrounding areas.

  3. Stored away from children, adult supervision is required when applying on children.

  4. Wash residue off with water.

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1 Pack (5 Pieces), 1 Piece