MGP Luxury Regenerating Energizing Essence

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Type: Skin Care
MGP Luxury Regenerating Energizing Essence 30ml

A skin-firming, anti-aging essence that is rich in premium herbal extracts that is light as water and exquisite like honey.

Revitalize and set your skin free with its luxurious, gold-tier repair capabilities.

Restore the vitality of your skin with this multi-effect essence that helps accelerate the skin's repair and maintenance mechanism with its rich nutrients.

Deeply repairs and activates skin regeneration.

Provides anti-oxidant rejuvenation that radiates a soft, gentle glow on the skin.

Firms and smoothes skin, effective combat against signs of aging.

Main ingredients:
  • Camellia extract
  • Camellia saponins
  • Tea polyphenols
  • GDF11 growth factor 
These ingredients work in harmony, improving the self-repairing power of the skin, boosting collagen, improving fine lines, restore the skin to its original bright moist, soft and smooth state.

Directions for use:

Apply on skin after cleansing and toning, preferably before day and night cream. 

Gently shake before use, apply and massage gently to face and neck until the essence is fully absorbed.

Can be combined with makeup products for a more refined finish.