JUDYDOLL Glowy Makeup Stick

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Style: #01 Zero Champagne

#01 Zero Champagne
#02 Plain Water
#03 Peach Soda
#04 Salt Apricotine
#05 Iced Grape

JUDYDOLL Glowy Makeup Stick

The perfect way to get that natural, sparkly shine without having to worry about anything else!

Whether you’re using it to bring some life and vibrancy back into your face or applying it directly onto parts of your body, this innovative stick makeup offers a clear water shine that’s bright but not oily, with just a touch of gel for added moisture - all without leaving that sticky feeling behind.

No more muddling or messing with makeup - simply dip it into the palm of your hand and apply it where needed. Don’t forget to finish off with your favourite setting spray; . Get the dewy look quickly and effortlessly, only with Judydoll Glowy Makeup Stick!

JUDYDOLL Glowy Makeup stick

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#01 Zero Champagne, #02 Plain Water, #03 Peach Soda, #04 Salt Apricotine, #05 Iced Grape