GIRLCULT The Classic of Bizzare Tales Lip Glaze

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Style: J70 Pink Fox - 粉狐狸

J70 Pink Fox - 粉狐狸
J71 Tears of Pearl - 珍珠泪(HOT)
J72 Pillow Talk - 枕边风
J73 Soup of Oblivion - 孟婆汤
J74 Betrayal - 夺情花(HOT)
J75 Fireflies - 流萤火
Type: Lip Gloss

GIRLCULT The Classic of Bizzare Tales Lip Glaze

With GIRLCULT The Classic of Bizarre Tales Lip Glaze The “Mirror of Immortality” Lip, you can show off your vibrant pout all day without reapplying!

Its innovative formula bonds with your lips to form a protective second film - so the colour won't shift or fade no matter what.

Enjoy long-lasting results that don't leave behind a greasy residue or stick to masks/hair - just smooth and mesmerizing lip colour that stays in place until the next time round. Get ready for perfectly gorgeous lips anytime, anywhere!

Additional Information

J70 Pink Fox - 粉狐狸, J71 Tears of Pearl - 珍珠泪(HOT), J72 Pillow Talk - 枕边风, J73 Soup of Oblivion - 孟婆汤, J74 Betrayal - 夺情花(HOT), J75 Fireflies - 流萤火