FUNNY ELVES Foundation

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Style: E02


FUNNY ELVES Foundation (25g) + Funny Elves Triangular Makeup Sponge

Keeps you looking your best with confidence and lasting power all day long. With our new two-way lock technology, Bionic Powder Technology, and 3D Invisible Makeup Lasting, this foundation gives you more control over your look. The two major technologies create an original makeup feeling that’s ultra skin-friendly and never lets you down.

The Bionic Powder Technology is biomimetically designed to simulate the state of your skin so it’s comfortable yet adaptable without feeling thick or heavy.

Silicone Wrapping Technology helps keep fresh for long periods of time so your makeup will stay put even under intense pressure from hot or humid conditions.

To round off this luxurious experience, four premium plant extracts are also included: Optimum Ginseng Extract for extravagance and tenderness, Bioactive Avocado for strengthening the skin barrier, White Truffle Essence for moisturizing the skin, and 4D Sodium Hyaluronate Water Storage Sponge Layer. Combined this unique formula creates a healthy, energized effect while maintaining an original makeup feeling online all day.

E-Series: Soft and delicate makeup is suitable for dry/combination skin type
F-Series: Refreshing matte velvet makeup is suitable for dry/oily/combination skin type

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