COLORKEY Best 6 Color Lip Lacquer Set

RM153.00 MYR
Type: Lipstick

COLORKEY Best 6 Color Lip Lacquer Set 

A velvet yet light as air lipstick set featuring COLORKEY's 6 most popular shades:

- Thin as air, soft and silky

- Soft and delicate.

- Matte velvety finish, plumps and smooth lip lines

- Light mist in the air, rich and white, long-lasting color, rapid atomization

1 set, 6 premium shades:

  • #R601 Wine Stained Bayberry
  • #B605 Cinnamon Peach
  • #R608 Caramel Brown
  • #O611 Maple Ginger Orange
  • #666D Hawthorn Berry Candy
  • #R666 COLORKEY Red