AMORTALS 3 in 1 Breath Freshener

RM59.00 MYR
AMORTALS Breath Freshener
Enjoy peace of mind with all-natural ingredients
Small and portable

Unlock maximum freshness within 2 seconds with a gentle swirl and spray 
High Atomizing Nozzle | Eliminates all odour
360° all-round purification
Innovative Rotation | Portable Hygiene Spray
24h long-lasting freshness
  • Grape Oolong Tea
    Grape is light and soft with a hint of oolong flavour

  • Peach Oolong Tea
    Sweet peach with a subtle oolong tea fragrance

  • Prune Green Tea
    Sweet plums combined with the fresh, refreshing green tea
Instantly refreshment and long-lasting fragrance 
Release active plant extracts in one second

Bay Leaf Extract
Effectively eliminate odour

Effective antibacterial care