AARYE Fragrance Body Scrub

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Style: Vanilla & Yew

Vanilla & Yew
Basil & Ocean Breeze
Roses & Cool Litchi
Cedar & Ebony
Vendor: AARYE

AARYE Fragrance Body Scrub 200g

AARYE Fragrance Body Scrub is ideal for a refreshing body scrub experience.

The unique body exfoliator boasts two textures and four scrub particles, measurably removing dead skin cells with its multi-dimensional exfoliation process.

Specialized chemists have created a clear skin formula containing an amino acid activator that reduces inflammation and increases cell regeneration, providing one-click restoration of glowing skin.

Roses & Cool Litchi aroma brings together soothing top notes of Peony, Freesia, and Litchi which blend perfectly for the transition to middle notes of Rose, Lily of the Valley, Magnolia and lastly, the base notes of Amber & Cedarwood to leave you feeling refreshed.

Basil & Ocean Breeze brings together Tangerine, Orange, and Lime with the freshness of Basil and Neroli on a green leafy finish of Patchouli and Vetiver.

Ebony & Cedar produces an earthy aroma balancing Sandalwood, Cedarwood as well as Cardamom in midrange herbs Violet and Papyrus with Leather and Amber at the base.

Last but not least Yew & Vanilla offers an unforgettable citrusy introduction blending Bergamot, Orange & Cardamom followed by Cypress and Sandalwood on a warming Vetiver & Cedarwood body finished off with a touch of sweetness from the Violet Musk & Patchouli were added to make it truly remarkable. 

It's multi-dimensional with two textures and four scrub particles, making sure every inch of your body is properly exfoliated.

It also contains 30% amino acid surface activity plus 2.5% high-purity niacinamide and 3% tea water that help eliminate dirt, clear your skin and give it a much-needed boost.

The AARYE Fragrance Body Scrub also provides face care grade dermabrasion thanks to the aloe vera water, trehalose, cucumber fruit and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate it has included in its formula.

To ensure proper hydration while grinding, several natural plant oils have been added for both nourishment and moisture-balancing purposes.

Finally, the rose hydrosol builds a "reservoir" at the bottom of the skin to make sure it remains elastic even after bathing with this body scrub or body exfoliator.

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Vanilla & Yew, Basil & Ocean Breeze, Roses & Cool Litchi, Cedar & Ebony