GIRLCULT Love Story Lip Cream

RM98.00 MYR

Style: M42 Quarrel - 口吐芬芳(HOT)

M42 Quarrel - 口吐芬芳(HOT)
M43 Midnight Fairies
M50 Two Nudes - 羊皮书
M51 Rusty Lovers - 爱人生锈(HOT)
M52 My Birth - 辣情史(HOT)
M53 Salt & Roses - 盐霜玫瑰
M54 Heart Robbery - 偷心花魁
M55 Nocturnal Beast - 夜行动物
G60 Forbidden Fruits - 食禁果
G61 Lace Bomb - 蕾丝炸弹
G62 Forest Rosa - 枪林蔷薇
G63 Hormones - 假荷尔蒙
G64 Lover's Transcript - 情人副本
Type: Lipstick

GIRLCULT Love Story Lip Cream

Love Story Lip Cream is the catalyst for desire, the desire to love and be your best self.

Superior lip cream technology with a touch of wildflower mist 
Matte on the outside, moisturizing immersion lip care on the inside/

13 Distinct shades to choose from.

Inspired by: 

Frida Kahlo's strong and bold paintings, her paintings expressed herself in a manner never seen before and set the stage for modern women. 

Additional Information

M42 Quarrel - 口吐芬芳(HOT), M43 Midnight Fairies, M50 Two Nudes - 羊皮书, M51 Rusty Lovers - 爱人生锈(HOT), M52 My Birth - 辣情史(HOT), M53 Salt & Roses - 盐霜玫瑰, M54 Heart Robbery - 偷心花魁, M55 Nocturnal Beast - 夜行动物, G60 Forbidden Fruits - 食禁果, G61 Lace Bomb - 蕾丝炸弹, G62 Forest Rosa - 枪林蔷薇, G63 Hormones - 假荷尔蒙, G64 Lover's Transcript - 情人副本