FLOWER KNOWS Moonlight Mermaid Perfume


Style: Forever Blooming Flower

Forever Blooming Flower
Luna Goddess Tree

FLOWER KNOWS Moonlight Mermaid Perfume

๐Ÿ‘‘ New Moonlight Mermaid Fragrance, is presented in a dreamy bottle design that will transport you to a world of fantasy. The gradient glass bottle captures the essence of light and shadow, while a beautiful multicolored moonlight mermaid statue adorns the top of the bottle. Let the magical scent take you on a memorable journey.

๐Ÿ’— Available in 2 scents.

Forever Blooming Flower (Pink)

The top notes are jasmine petals that have been touched by morning dew. A light mist flows over green leaves, releasing a sweet and fresh vapor. In the middle notes, creamy gardenia and bright narcissus blend like a gentle wind mixed with a light rain, passing through a girl's hair. In the base notes of grass and agrostis stolonifera, there is a soft, ethereal fragrance that is full of literary charm, creating a green and floral aroma for spring and summer.

Luna Goddess Tree (Blue)

The top notes feature a sweet yet slightly bitter lemon peel fragrance, with a cool and serene touch of mint, crafting a fresh and non-greasy opening. In the middle notes, damp moss is combined with spring tea and cedarwood. The base notes of sandalwood and musk bring warmth, leading to a refreshing and satisfying spring-summer cedarwood woody fragrance.

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Forever Blooming Flower, Luna Goddess Tree